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Can you imagine turning on your television to find a story on a health or news related program detailing the account of a mother who is still breastfeeding her eight year old daughter?

This was reality to families in the United Kingdom. Their mother was featured on a special and spoke about all the benefits her, and her daughters got from breastfeeding. The oldest of her children being eight years old and in school full time.

She stood by her choice, and said that one of the best benefits of breastfeeding her tween was the fact that her daughter could tell her how much she loved nursing.

But this poses a whole new question to the situation, and subject of breastfeeding. – When is it acceptable to allow your children to wean, or in some cases encourage them to wean. Some people feel as though children should be weaned once they can ask to nurse, or breastfeed, and others feel very differently.

The average age of weaning around the world is four and a half or one hundred and two months, although that is clearly not the norm here in The United States. Despite the World Health Organization recommending breast milk for two years, and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommending at least one year of breast milk, the average mother stops exclusively nursing between three and six months.

In the below video clip, mother of the breastfeeding eight year old describes her daughters feeling as though her breasts belong to them, and discussions they have when their mother is getting dressed about her breasts.

At what age do you think breastfeeding takes the turn from a nutritious necessity to an extreme option?

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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