A Challenge to Parents: Do "It" Every Day for a Week. Could You? Do You?

Everyone likes a challenge. But some are far easier than others. To make your bed every day for a week? That’s a cinch. To eat healthy every day for a week? That’s not just easy but can be delicious. To have sex every day for a week? That depends on who you are. But if you happen to be a parent? Well, having not just the stamina and the drive but also the time for sweet sweet lovin’ can seem like an impossible feat. But daily romps for seven days is a challenge that editors at BabyCenter are not just doing themselves but asking their readers to try. So what’s the deal?

The BabyCenter challenge starts on Valentine’s Day and will last for seven days, but if you’re reading this after Valentine’s Day, I’m sure any old day would do just fine. The folks there are looking at strength in numbers, saying that having a united full frontal front will help, “encourage each other and nudge each other along—because let’s face it, this isn’t going to be easy.” They added that,  “at the end of the challenge, we can all share our stories of dying flames that were reignited. And maybe by then we won’t be so modest and we can also giggle about our favorite positions.”

Would you, could you or do you already have sex every day? And how do you fit in an active sex life with very active kids in the house?

For more info about their challenge check it out right here.

Photo: via Crushable

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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