A Gallery of Baby Poop? Yuck!

dipaers-for-poo-galleryOne of the more, um, humbling things about parenting is the fact that you find yourself having a lot of conversations about poop. And usually, not even your own poop.

But a whole photo gallery of poop? Like, opening up the diaper and instead of disposing of its contents as fast as possible, whipping out the point-and-shoot? And then posting your work on the Internet to share with everyone in the world (“Good morning, Grandma! Here’s little Christopher’s latest!!”)? That’s more than a little nasty.

But the good folks at Boing Boing shared this: a photo gallery, yes, gallery, of healthy baby poop. Glahhhhhhh. That’s one for href=””>STFU, Parents! Which alerted me to a similar item on Babycenter.

All of this poses the question: What is WRONG with people? Are we that clueless, as parents? Really?

Admittedly I hate poop talk –I got three pages into “Everyone Poops” before I was too horrified and had to put it down. And one of my most embarrassing moments was paging the pediatrican because my baby’s poop was black, and then bringing in the diaper the next day for her to see (although we both got a good laugh out of how completely mortified I was to do so). And some people are calling this a public service. Ahhhh, no. Police officers? Firefighters? Librarians? That’s public service. This? This is more than a little bit weird and gross.

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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