A Marital Rating Scale from 1939: How Would Your Relationship Have Fared?

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Is your marriage in 2012 as strong as it would have been in 1939?

Couples therapy is no big whoop these days. You might be in it, or you might know another couple who attends.

Therapy is certainly not a new concept, but 70 or so years ago some couples had another, simpler way of assessing their relationship: a marital rating scale.

There was one scale specifically for wives, and another for husbands—both created by a Ph.D./MD. Merits and demerits were rewarded based on topics that might just make your eyes roll and your head spin (it might also make whatever you’re currently drinking shoot out of your nose when you burst out laughing). But you may also stop and look a little closer and wonder if they might just have been onto something. Maybe. Maybe not.

Take a look at the scales below (courtesy of BuzzFeed) — one for the husband, one for the wife, and see how you and your partner add up (and let us know your “score” in the comment section!):

Marital rating scale
For the wife
Marital rating scale
For the husband


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Image credits: BuzzFeed


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