A Mothers Plea: Stop Making Childhood Sexy

Too Sexy?


Something interesting happened after I gave birth to my daughter. Not just that I appreciated a good night’s sleep more than ever before, I lost my aversion to a dirty diaper but apparently, I became a total prude.

I never thought I’d be a such an old fuddy-duddy, one of those ladies who rolls her eyes and says, “oh, kids today” or is appalled by the state of dress and decorum of the younger set. But here I am, being completely put off by this, that and the other, especially when it comes to stuff being marketed to my sweet, little girl.  As much as I try to raise my child in a sweet, innocent child like way ala the styles of Raggedy Ann, Winnie the Pooh, or Beatrix Potter, she is still bombarded with the ‘sexy.’

Yes, I know that it is us adults that brand the things “sexy,” and the kids don’t see it as such, but as a mom it’s hard not to look at some of the dolls out there and think they look more like a cheap hooker. It’s hard not to be a bit appalled.

This is not a new topic, the film Sexy Inc : Our Children Under the Influence explored the topic as well as Jean Kilbourne’s book So Sexy So Soon: The New Sexualized Childhood. I haven’t read the book or seen the movie, too busy playing with age-appropriate toys with my girl. But from a personal perspective, here are my persnickety  picks of four things that have annoyed me lately and the selling of sexy to our girls.

  • Dolls 1 of 4
    There are plenty of ‘sexy' dolls, but today I'll go after Bratz. If the name Bratz isn't offensive enough, the way the girls are dressed is just icing on the inappropriate cake. But the girls? They love ‘em. My own daughter has begged me for one, but I break her heart each time with a big fat, "no way, they look like tramps!" Okay, I don't say tramps. But my excuse to her has been that they aren't age appropriate, but that has a limited shelf life. But after reading the book Fanny a of couple times (that deals with a similar looking doll dilemma), she has calmed down a bit on the wanting of said Bratzness. But seriously, look at this doll above, would you want your sweet four-year-old playing with that trashy looking lady?
  • Sexy Halloween Costumes: 2 of 4
    Sexy Halloween Costumes:
    Personally I'd like to see you ALL go home and sew your kids' Halloween costumes. But that wouldn't be very practical, since most of you don't have the time and a large percentage of you don't know how to sew but I applaud the small margin that has the skills and the hours to create a homemade masterpiece. The rest of us? We go out and buy a costume. And when you do, when you open up the catalog or go to the Halloween Super Store, you are confronted by a collection of "sexy" costumes. Sexy witch, sexy Alice in Wonderland, they even try to make Big Bird sexy!
  • Cartoons 3 of 4
    Every now and then we'll be flipping the channel on Saturday morning, and instead of cherub faced cuties on the cartoons, the characters are uber curvy, busty skinny creations that look like they came from a Russ Meyer movie. And the revamping of cartoons characters to make them hotter? (see image above) Really, what was wrong with the original Rainbow Brite? They put all the characters on a diet, and yes Rainbow Brite always had short dresses but the new version of Rainbow Brite's dresses aren't just short but they're sassy.
  • Clothing 4 of 4
    I like to have my girl in dresses that go to the knee, the little girl in a mini dress isn't necessary, but yet a popular choice. The above dress seems okay with the leggings, but the flirty hike in the mini skirt says more can-can than becoming a can-do woman. And the Princess in Training message. Seriously, don't get me started.

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