A Nespresso Machine and Capsules for Baby Formula?

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Like Nespresso, only without the caffeine!

Nespresso coffee machines have a new little sister: BabyNes.

Just like the single-serving coffee cups, you drop in a BabyNes capsule, heated water is forced through the machine and out comes warm — but not too hot — mixed baby formula.

Right into the bottle.

BabyNes is another product from the Swiss Nestle conglomerate. The machines and capsules available in Switzerland sell for about $284. Packs of the capsules sell for between $50 and $60 for 26, which is about twice what families pay there for the powdered formula in the bulk cans.

Executives at Nestle think the BabyNes will be a game changer in the infant formula business, much like the Nespresso was for coffee drinkers.  Martin Grieder, head of advanced nutrition systems at Nestle, told Reuters, “It’s very simple, very intuitive, hygienic and of optimum safety.”

Formula users, does a machine like this seem dreamy to you? I know people live for their single-cup coffee makers. What do you think?


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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