A Rare Look at the Genius of Maurice Sendak (Photos)

June 10th has a very special significance for fans of Maurice Sendak. It was on that day, 85 years ago, that the iconic artist and author was born. Sendak passed away two years ago at the age of 83, but his work lives on with books such as Where the Wild Things Are, In the Night Kitchen and Outside Over There.

This week Google celebrated Maurice Sendak on his birthday with one a Google Doodle which paid tribute to some of his best, and most iconic, works (you can check out the video of the Google Doodle below). But the Google Doodle lasts just one day, the Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco is paying tribute to Maurice Sendak from now until July 7th with their exhibit Maurice Sendak: 50 Years, 50 Works, 50 Reasons.  The exhibit gives a rare look at the talent of Sendak with drawings and doodles. Check out some of the pieces from the exhibit below:

  • Max and a Wild Thing 1 of 13

    A beautiful illustration of Max and one of the many wild thing.

  • Bear and Owl 2 of 13

    A simple yet powerful illustration of a bear and owl, almost feeling like a Winnie the Pooh piece.

  • The Wolf 3 of 13

    The big bad wolf, a classic children's book nemesis.

  • Rosie 4 of 13

    An adorable image of Rosie.

  • Film Concept Art 5 of 13

    An illustration that he did as part of the costume concept art for Spike Jonze's film adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are.

  • Max with a Fork 6 of 13

    A very wild Max!

  • A Wild Thing with a Horn 7 of 13

    A wild thing with very human feet and a great big horn.

  • Max 8 of 13

    Max in his boat approaching the Wild Things.

  • New Item 9 9 of 13

    A fabulous illustration of Max.

  • Macbeth 10 of 13

    No monsters, children or animals - this one is all Macbeth. And early piece of Sendak art.

  • His Mickey Mouse Collection 11 of 13

    Sendak with his Mickey Mouse collection, this photo is from 1973.

  • Sendak and Mickey 12 of 13

    Sendak loved Disney saying once,  "Oh, I adored Mickey Mouse when I was a child. He was the emblem of happiness and funniness. ... We're both about the same age; we're about a month apart. He was the little brother I always wanted."

  • Wild Things and Mickey 13 of 13

    A fun illustration of Max, a Wild Thing and Mickey Mouse.

Photo Source: The Walt Disney Family Museum







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