A Simple Form of Happy: 10 Stick Figure Drawings That Will Make You Smile

It’s always exciting when our children’s drawings progress beyond nonsensical scribbles on paper and into stick figures. Suddenly their ideas have more meaning. They seem more concrete. When those stick figures begin to thicken up and take on more life-like qualities, that’s when we really start to burst with pride. Behold, our artist in miniature! But perhaps we should pause to enjoy the simplistic genius of a line drawing.

Dana Marcelle has been drawing stick figures for 20 years. She began as a child drawing pictures of her crushes and has progressed to producing daily works in the form of a comic on her website. They are fun and happy and good for a laugh. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Coffee 1 of 10
    It's always worth the trouble. Even the kind of trouble Dana illustrates here.
  • Dancing 2 of 10
    Even simple lines can convey an art.
  • Hula-hooping 3 of 10
    Even stick figures find it challenging.
  • Dresses 4 of 10
    Stick figures can be fashion forward.
  • Trampoline jumping 5 of 10
    It doesn't take much to bring a childhood joy to life.
  • Kite flying 6 of 10
    "Sometimes I like kites in scary shapes," writes Dana.
  • Sunshine 7 of 10
    This would be a steamy trip up.
  • Talk to me in flowers 8 of 10
    What woman doesn't want to have a conversation in this manner?
  • A pie tree 9 of 10
    This is arguably the best variety of make-believe tree.
  • Talk to me about things 10 of 10
    Dana finds a way to illustrate a conversation.

See more of Dana’s work on her Tumblr.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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