A Swarm of Solo Cups? A Must-See Art Series Inspired by Nature

Photographer Thomas Jackson began his career eight years ago shooting Garry Winogrand-style street scenes and landscapes. Jackson’s love of photography has since taken a turn for the fantastically bizarre in his ongoing series “Emergent Behavior.”

In it, Jackson has created and photographed what he describes as hanging sculptures. These aren’t just any sculptures, however. These are inspired by self-organizing, “emergent” systems in nature such as bees, locusts, schooling fish, and flocking birds.

Jackson has this to say about his work: “By constructing the pieces from unexpected materials and placing them in environments where they seem least to belong, I aim to tweak the margins of our visual vocabulary, and to invite fresh interpretations of everyday things.”

Check out Jackson’s must-see manmade swarms:

  • Broken Pallet 1 of 7
    Broken Pallet
    A shattered pallet hangs over an eerily dark street.
  • Cheese Balls 2 of 7
    Cheese Balls
    The most delicious of swarms are made of cheese balls.
  • Assorted Foliage 3 of 7
    Assorted Foliage
    A little greenery in the middle of a city street.
  • Leaves Part I 4 of 7
    Leaves Part I
    A pile of leaves forms in mid-air.
  • Leaves Part II 5 of 7
    Leaves Part II
    Not just for the forest, these leaves swarm an intersection.
  • Cups 6 of 7
    Ever wonder what becomes of all those solo cups after the party is over? Perhaps they form a school in the forest?
  • Yarn 7 of 7
    This is reminiscent of a game of cat's cradle.


All photographs used with permission from Thomas Jackson Photography.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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