A Tampon, Poo, or a Puppet? You Decide

I love crafts, don’t get me wrong. But sometimes there are things done with felt that are just WRONG. Take, for example, this half tampon-looking/half poo-tastic puppet . . . ostensibly for your little kids to put on a show starring Mr. Hankie.

Yes, folks, this is a toilet paper roll made to fit on their little finger. Behold (after the jump):


What’s wrong with this picture? For starters: um, I don’t want my kid playing with the toilet paper roll – that was a hard enough thing to break the cat of doing. Next up?

Did you look at the end of that thing? What I assume is supposed to be the cardboard center looks suspiciously like something you would use to remove toilet paper from a child’s rear end.

And then there’s the striking resemblance to something mommies HIDE away from their kids in the bathroom (not from embarrassment . . . oh no, but because they will be used as toys if you are not wise to their evil ways).

The good news is the makers of this particular “puppet” do not recommend it for kids under three (she has a sense of humor – I’ll grant you that, she says “use wipes” instead).

We’re just wondering who they DO recommend it for? Because we can go over all the things above once again if you want, but we’re still not thinking this will work for much anything other than a gag gift for your bachelorette (to be accompanied by an Adam Sandler marathon).

Do you buy your kids toys that you think are funny . . . but creepy?

Image: StaceyRebecca

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