A Woman in Labor Takes Drivers Test. Didn't Want to Cancel It

Woman in Labor Takes Driving Test

Let’s just say that you are a very pregnant woman.  And you happen to be at the end of your pregnancy, like really at the end. Your water breaks. Your are in labor. Do you:

a) Rush to the hospital

b) Go home to rest and relax a little bit before you have your little one going to the hospital when you are father along.

c) Go take your already scheduled drivers test.

If you are Emma French of Scotland then you would totally pick choice c.  And she did.

Did this woman really go take her drivers test after having her water break?

According to Jezebel…yes, yes she did.  She took the driver’s test four hours after her water broke. She said of her wacky choice, “Everyone was telling me to go to the hospital but I had waited so long for my driving test, I was determined to do it.” She added, “I didn’t dare tell the examiner I was in labor in case he made me cancel the test.”

After she took her test and apparently passed she drove herself to the hospital and delivered her baby girl. “The nurses in the hospital were very confused because I was getting congratulations cards for both my baby and my driving test,” she said.

Would you ever do something like that after your water broke?

Photo: Flickr

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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