ABC Urged to Pull Episode of Modern Family Because of Toddler's Bleeped Curse Word

The best show on basic television.

One of the best television shows currently on air is Modern Family.  Between that and Up All Night starring Christina Applegate and the ever hilarious Will Arnett, I’m back to scheduled TV watching time.

Modern Family is to this decade what The Cosby Show was to the eighties.  Cliff and Claire Huxtable broke ground with their depiction of a successful African American couple elbows deep in parenting.  And now, during our weekly peek into the lives of the three families featured on Modern Family, we are seeing an honest portrayal of how American family life has evolved.

You’ve got the traditional nuclear family of Phil and Clair Dunphy, the older man remarried to a smokin’ hottie played by Ed O’Neil and Sophia Vergara and, of course, my favorite and the most groundbreaking couple, Cameron and Mitchell, gay fathers to one-year old Lily.

It’s a line written for little Lily that’s causing all the controversy.  As the Associated Press reports, “in the episode titled “Little Bo Bleep” airing 9 p.m. EST Wednesday, 2-year-old Lily shocks parents Mitchell and Cameron (Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Eric Stonestreet) with her first expletive.”  The toddler who plays Lily actually said the word “fudge” during taping but when they bleep it on air viewers will get the impression she drops the F-bomb.

Apparently, some anti-profanity crusader is urging ABC to pull the episode. 

Eighteen-year-old McKay Hatch, who founded the No Cussing Club in 2007, says “Our main goal is to stop this from happening.  If we don’t, at least ABC knows that people all over the world don’t want to have a 2-year-old saying the ‘F-bomb’ on TV.”

Unsurprisingly, Hatch is Mormon and attends BYU-Idaho.  Dude says he founded his club when he noticed how rampant cursing was at his school.  Hatch wants his club’s members, which he claims number more than 35,000, to complain to ABC.  About the network, Hatch says “We hope they know better.”  Oh boy.  There’s that old Mormon haughtiness that I’m so used to from my youth.  Tell that to President Obama who lists Modern Family as his favorite show to watch with his own family.

The network has no comment.  I hope they continue to have no comment and choose not to dignify this with a response.  What parent hasn’t dealt with their child uttering an inappropriate word?  Isn’t this a rite of passage for parents?  As Modern Family creator Steven Levitan told the Television Critics Association last week, he’s “proud and excited” about the F-word plotline that ABC was persuaded to allow.  “We thought it was a very natural story since, as parents, we’ve all been through this,” Levitan said to

Exactly.  Is America so puritanical we can’t view a very real part of parenting portrayed on a sharply written sitcom?  I am so sick of this uber right-wing conservative base trying to censor anything and everything that doesn’t jive with their personal notions.  Don’t like it?  DON’T WATCH.

It also irks me that with so much wrong with the world someone wants to waste hours of time trying to censor a word that’s already bleeped.  Trying to stop cursing, please.  Try to stop something that matters, Mckay.  Trying to stop cursing is like trying to drink the ocean.  As if cursing is what is wrong with America.  As if parents need this supercilious 18-year-old’s help in teaching our children what is right or wrong to say in this world.  I get so murder-y about this kind of stuff.  I mean, seriously!  Have you seen the crap that’s airing on some of the networks these days?  Blatant sex scenes, brutally realistic murdered bodies laying all over every episode of the millionty-five versions of CSI currently airing, men and women behaving badly on virtually every reality show around, and this teen idiot is worried about a bleeped curse word that is used to portray a normal parenting moment?

Get the BLEEP outta here.

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