Actual Advice Mallard Actually Has Good Advice (Memes)

Internet memes can be hilarious and/or terribly stupid, but rarely are they actually helpful. The information I’ve found on these “actual advice mallard” memes, though, is not only useful but surprising. What you’ll find below is a range of advice like computer tips, ideas for the home, some relationship advice and general truisms that I think are worth remembering. Thanks for the actual advice, mallard!

  • I had no idea. 1 of 20
    I had no idea.
    And I've had my license mailed back to me twice - in NYC! How 'bout that?!
  • This is so true. 2 of 20
    This is so true.
    Remember this on the street and at work, even home! Just remember.
  • Good, solid point. 3 of 20
    Good, solid point.
    Another bit of advice: even if you know your argument is better, you can still be nice about it.
  • Yes! 4 of 20
    Like watching First Wives Club as a teen and then again post-divorce...
  • This. 5 of 20
    You know you're not going to take the train and you should NEVER drive drunk!
  • Okay 6 of 20
    Whatever, some might think this is making fun of chicks in a sexist way, but I actually think this is true. Also applies to children! By the time they tell you they're hungry, the meltdown has begun....... carry snacks, y'all!
  • Oh God! 7 of 20
    Oh God!
    Ha! Ha! Yes. If you're old enough to get this, yes.
  • DID IT 8 of 20
    DID IT
    It works. Amaze.
  • I mean… 9 of 20
    I mean...
    Kind of a corny truism but there is merit to this statement. Worth thinking about in relationships.
  • I had no idea…. 10 of 20
    I had no idea....
    Thank you, duck.
  • Yup. 11 of 20
    Works. Mind = blown. Another tip: CTRL + Z is undo if you ever lose a blog post or something accidentally!
  • Hahaha 12 of 20
    Why not?
  • Hmmm…. 13 of 20
    Anybody ever try this?
  • This. 14 of 20
    This is hilarious. I totally just imagined my dog turning around and chasing me. Hahaha
  • Interesting! 15 of 20
    Makes sense. But how do you prevent them from becoming scratchy? Hmmm...
  • Happy birthday! 16 of 20
    Happy birthday!
    I got you condoms, tampons and an enema!
  • Love this. 17 of 20
    Love this.
    This. Yes.
  • Makes sense. 18 of 20
    Makes sense.
    I'm guessing the alcohol is what does the trick.
  • Hello, retention department? 19 of 20
    Hello, retention department?
    Yeah, I want that deal you're offering to customers who haven't been with you for 10 years.
  • Pay it forward. 20 of 20
    Pay it forward.
    Yes, I have done this. Always worth it. Be the change you wish to see in the customer service industry.

All images via Quick Meme.


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