Ad Agency Seeks To Target "Real" Moms

The very first mom blog I ever read (Dooce, of course) helped me fall in love with the whole genre because, well, the blogs I read were telling real stories of motherhood. When my daughter was finally born, I was fully armed with stories of how challenging motherhood could be —- and while that may sound harsh, it was a blessing to have realistic expectations as a new mother.

Not to mention having all that excellent reading material for those middle-of-the-night feedings when my daughter was tiny.

Mom bloggers have known about the power of real moms for quite a while, and some brands and public relations folks have also seen the potential of the momosphere. Apparently, we aren’t alone. According to this New York Times article, a new advertising agency has been formed to target “real” moms, called The Mom Complex.

According to the Times article:

The Mom Complex was the brainchild of Katherine Wintsch, who has worked at Martin for 10 years and is vice president and group planning director there. She is also leading the new unit with the title of founder. Asked if she wears two hats, Ms. Wintsch, who is 34, replied, “Two hats at work, and a hat at home,” where she is mother to a daughter, Layla, age 4, and a son, Alex, 2.

“A year ago, when my daughter was around 3, I realized how bad marketing to moms was,” Ms. Wintsch said, adding: “I was crying myself to sleep dealing with a toddler and an infant, but the mothers in advertising looked so perfect. It was off-base; they were too idealized, too glamorized.”

No kidding.

In the article in the Times, only a minor mention is made about the roles that blogs will play with this new agency, if at all (generally speaking, advertising agencies don’t work directly with bloggers). But I can’t help but wonder if the incredible success of mom blogging as a whole has increased the visibility of the power of moms.

The article does discuss the massive financial impact mother have.

Mothers are a crucial market for advertisers because of all the money they spend on goods and services. Although industry figures vary, the Mom Complex estimates that mothers account for $2.3 trillion a year in spending in the United States.

$2.3 Trillion? Wow. I am mother, hear me roar. Right?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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