Leave Santa a Beer With His Cookies

leave-one-out-for-santaThe Labatt beverage company wants you to keep one thing in mind this holiday season: Santa’s driving, so make sure his beer’s non-alcoholic.

The strange warning is cropping up in Canadian convenience stores courtesy of Labatt adds meant to warn against drinking and driving.

It reads: “Leave one out for Santa. He’s driving. Non-alcohol Blue available at . . . ” Several of the posters even direct people to a website devoted to making wise decisions about alcohol.

But parents who always thought a cold one referred to a glass of milk when it came to leaving things out for Santa are in two camps. Some are pissed. They don’t want their kids – or grandkids – thinking about any sort of beer at Christmas.

The rest? Just think it’s silly.

After all, it’s hard to get that riled up that they’re promoting non-alcoholic beer in association with a kid-friendly image. Horsies are extremely kid-friendly, and I don’t see anyone pissed that Budweiser uses them to promote something that will actually get you drunk.

Santa’s selling Diet Dr. Pepper this year – although most of us would prefer to keep our kids off soda. He’s also doing things wrong for Boost Mobile – although getting kids young enough to believe in Santa their own cell phone is hardly advisable.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving told the Toronto Sun it’s OK with them. Is it OK with you?

Image: Toronto Sun

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