Adorable! 2-Year-Old Turns Tables on Nanny — Photographs Her in His Poses

I am facing a horrific situation in the all-important keeping of family memories. My 7-year-old daughter is on a photo strike. When I try to take her photograph one of these things happen: 1) she runs 2) she ducks out of the frame or 3) she makes a face not unlike a mad monster. Instead of being the subject of my lens, she prefers to grab my camera or iPhone and take a photo of me instead. But now I am inspired, VERY inspired, by the work of the Toronto-based photographer Alex Neary who was recently featured on Huffington Post.

When Alex Neary is not immersed in her gorgeous wedding photography and portrait work, she is a nanny to 2 1/2 year old Henry, a toddler who decided to turn the tables on Alex.

She writes on her website Wild Eyed about the project she is doing with him that she has called “Henry’s Concepts”:

“I am a nanny to the world’s coolest kid, Henry. I have been looking after him for about a year and a half and for that entire time he has had to pose for my camera. One day he turned to me and said, ‘Alec, take a photo of me like this.’ The pose he chose was…interesting. He then declared that he wanted to take a photo of me doing the same pose. It was right then and there a light bulb went off and ‘Henry’s Concepts’ was born.

Each of these photos is strictly Henry’s idea. He chooses the location and the pose. I take the photo of him and then he takes the photo of me.”

And the results are…awesome. Henry creates awkward and eye-catching poses for him and Alex to do. An adorable side-effect of giving a 2 1/2 year old a camera is that while Alex’s photos are always perfectly shot, his may occasionally be a bit on the blurry side or include a finger on the camera lens, but that just makes it all the more charming.

With our kids, or the kids in our care, being photographed more than ever before, it’s refreshing to see the child be in charge of the image and to not just be the subject. They become the creator of the scene and shot. I, for one, will totally try this with my own daughter, hopefully that way I’ll actually get some good shots of her childhood while I still can!

Check out “Henry’s Concepts” right here.

  • Little Climber 1 of 20

    Henry opts to climb the bricks and asked Alex to do the same.

  • Tight Spaces 2 of 20

    Henry may fit nicely in on the shelf of the table, but it's a tight squeeze for Alex.

  • Kitchen Climbing 3 of 20

    Going for a ride on the plastic kitchen, always a good time.

  • The Green Wall 4 of 20

    One of my personal favorite, the color of the wall and the pose is so striking.

  • Dino 5 of 20

    An awkward museum pose.

  • The Garden 6 of 20

    Henry takes his nanny to the garden, sort of.

  • Car and Dog 7 of 20

    It's nice that the dog got into the act.

  • Fashion Spread Worthy 8 of 20

    This looks like it could be ripped out of the pages of an "urban" fashion spread.

  • Truck 9 of 20

    It looks like some kind of yoga pose, and notice Henry's finger in his shot.

  • Hip Hop 10 of 20

    It almost looks like they are in the midst of a hot hip-hop dance move.

  • Album Cover 11 of 20

    This one totally looks like it could the cover for an album!

  • Scooter 12 of 20

    She looks natural on this one, Henry, not so much.

  • Shadows 13 of 20

    Love Henry's pick of venue on this one, the shadows are fabulous.

  • Old Car 14 of 20

    An odd set of images for sure, I do love how you can see Henry's shadow though.

  • Stairs 15 of 20

    The shot of Alex is totally out of focus, but you know what? It's awesome!

  • Ducky 16 of 20

    What kid would be able to resist this as a back drop?

  • Graffiti 17 of 20

    As you may have noticed, Henry tends to like have their locations be in front of graffiti.

  • Stretching 18 of 20

    Henry and Alex do some stretching.

  • With the Fishes 19 of 20

    Another awesome shot by Henry where his finger got in the way but actually adds to the image.

  • The Playground 20 of 20

    Okay, these shots are BOTH adorable.

And Alex is available for hire for your wedding and portrait needs! You can visit her site for more info right here.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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