After SeaWorld Trainer Death, Should Killer Whale Training Techniques Be Applied to Children?

While the title of this post sounds facetious, it is in fact based on a real book.

Back in October of 2009 authors Thad Lacinak, Chuck Tompkins and Ken Blanchard (author of The One-Minute Manager) published the book, Whale Done Parenting. The gist of the guide is for parent to use the same techniques on your children as SeaWorld trainers employ with the Killer Whales.

Don’t expect them to promote that book too much now.

In the book, the authors use the whale training techniques to demonstrate parenting that ignores bad behavior and rewards good behavior.

Before this week, it may have sounded simply like a fairly flimsy and overdone premise, but now it’s unfortunately marred by the recent tragedy.

Not to say SeaWorld trainers are bad at what they do. Experts have weighed in on possible reasons why the Killer Whale, Tilikum, attacked veteran trainer Dawn Brancheau, with theories ranging from loneliness to sexual frustration. None of the theories point to trainer mistreatment.

Nonetheless, don’t expect parents flocking to buy up copies of the book at Amazon in light of the SeaWorld incident.

Here’s an interview with the authors from November.

Source: The New Jersey Star Ledger

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