Airigami: The Most Amazing Balloon Art…Ever! (Photos)

My kid loves, and I mean loves, balloons. If we are at Disneyland, a school fair, or just at the supermarket, my daughter will beg for a balloon, regardless if it’s a special occasion or not. But what she yearns for are just simple standard balloons; generic orbs of air. The artists of Airigami take this simple object that is a childhood staple and they elevate it into an art form.

Larry Moss and Kelly Cheatle are the masterminds behind Airigami, which “stands at the crossroads of three ancient art forms: sculpture, illustration and origami.” Check out some of their magnificent creations below from homages to masterpieces like the Mona Lisa to balloon versions of fairy tales:

  • New Item 24 1 of 24

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  • American Gothic 2 of 24

    Based on Grant Wood's American Gothic, a perfect representation of the duo in balloon form.


  • Whistler’s Mother 3 of 24

    A great piece based on James McNeil Whistler's portrait of his mother. Just like the real thing...just with more air.

  • Cezanne 4 of 24

    This piece was based on Paul Cezanne's Still Life with Fruit. The shapes they are able to create are really amazing! 

  • Pollack 5 of 24

    This interesting, and deflated, piece is based on Jackson Pollock's Blue Poles. Simple yet perfect.

  • The Birth of Venus 6 of 24

    A very large balloon sculpture based on Sandro Boticelli's The Birth of Venus. Pretty amazing how they got the windblown hair so accurately depicted.

  • Warhol 7 of 24

    This pop-art ode is one you would NOT want to pop. Based on Andy Warhol's Soup Can, the artists totally nailed the iconic image.

  • DaVinci 8 of 24

    This piece, which utilizes the original background, is based on Leonardo DaVinci's Vitruvian Man. It looks so natural, doesn't it?

  • Mona Lisa 9 of 24

    Yes, they even tackled one of the most beloved and famous paintings ever: Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa. Are her eyes following you?

  • Girl With the Pearl Earring 10 of 24

    A fabulous rendering of Johannes Vermeer's Girl with the Pearl Earring. This tribute really does the original justice. 

  • Dino 11 of 24

    A massive, and totally stunning, balloon dinosaur on exhibit. It's almost cooler than the fossils! 

  • Frida 12 of 24

    A portrait of Friday Khalo made beautifully out of an array of very colorful balloons.


  • Piggy! 13 of 24

    A lovely pig from the Three Little Pigs. Note the details like the buttons on his overalls and the custom plaid on the shirt.

  • Wolf 14 of 24

    This balloon creation certainly captures the movement of the moment. Love the balloon clouds in the background.

  • Princess and the Pea 15 of 24

    Many like a light and airy mattress, this princess has several of them. But being that she is the Princess and the Pea, it still won't be comfy.

  • Three Bears 16 of 24

    The three bears away from their house, allowing that pesky Goldilocks to sneak in. Bonus points for having their balloon baby bear holding a balloon of his own.

  • The Bean Stalk 17 of 24

    Jack climbing up a balloon-made bean stalk. I don't see the giant, but he better be careful! 

  • Little Red Riding Hood 18 of 24

    A perfect fairy tale scene with a little girl wearing a red balloon cape and carrying a balloon basket. Note the wolf hiding to the left.

  • HUGE 19 of 24

    Yes, those soccer players and their ball are not only made of balloons but they are, indeed, as huge as they look in contrast to the human in the middle of the frame. This is the "largest non-round balloon sculpture in the world. It was constructed with 40,781 non-round balloons." Wow.

  • Balloon Dress 20 of 24

    Wearable balloon art? Of course! The crew of Airigrami made this gorgeous black, gray, and white masterpiece.

  • White Dress 21 of 24

    A model working the runway in this white and blue balloon dress. Think we'll see it on a red carpet?

  • Bride and Groom 22 of 24

    Here comes the bride! A balloon bride that is. And she is accompanied by a perfectly executed black tux.

  • Massive Butterfly 23 of 24

    This isn't some tiny balloon sculpture that your kids get at the zoo. This is a massive butterfly that is two stories tall!

  • Library 24 of 24

    A very interesting take on a monster librarian. Colorful and totally creative.

Photo Source: Airigami

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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