Mom Blogger Makes Stink Online Over Alaska Airlines

Dan Blais, Colleen Roberge and their son, Levi.

“Alaska Airlines Hates Families.” That’s the title of a blog started by Canadian couple Dan Blais and Colleen Roberge. The newlyweds were traveling with their eight-month-old son Levi when he blew out his diaper at Las Vegas Airport.

An employee at the Alaska Airlines gate told the couple they had two minutes to deal with the mess, but when Roberge emerged from the bathroom with her infant son, the airline had already given one of their tickets away.

The distraught threesome were left stranded hundreds of miles from home and their luggage, “particularly the supplies to keep little Levi happy, had left with the plane,” The Daily Mail reports.

In an effort to be reimbursed one thousand dollars that they spent on hotel accommodations and new tickets, the couple has started a blog called Alaska Airlines Hates Families.

The most recent post on the blog is titled, “Alaska Airlines Does Not Actually Hate Families,” and explains that a representative from the company has apologized for the incident and refunded the couple’s money.

There are several lessons to be gleaned from this perilous story of flying with a baby. First, babies are unpredictable, but airlines are not. Even if you get to the gate on time, your child can have a diaper disaster at any moment. Bring lots of diapers, wipes, cloths and clothes with you in your diaper bag and be prepared to change him on the plane. Your flight will not wait for you, no matter how disgusting the doo.

Secondly, consumers – and specifically mothers – do have a voice, especially when they wield the hefty power of the Internet to their advantage. In this day and age, it’s easy to hold someone accountable for having caused you harm. But before you target an individual or an agency online, be sure what they’ve done is worthy of the public’s attention. In this case, the couple had the support of other passengers on the plane, and thanks to lots of media coverage, were able to get the kind of treatment they deserved in the end.

Do you think the couple was right to take their complaint to the world wide web? Feel free to share your horror stories and/or advice about traveling with kids!

Photo: TheDailyMail

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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