Busy Parent Briefing: Amanda Knox – 20 Funny & Furious Tweets About Her Release

Tweets About Amanda Knox

People have a variety of reactions to human sagas and to any tragedy in general. Some feel compassion, some get furious and others, they get funny. There really are a myriad of emotions that rise to the surface. And when the drama is played out in the public eye, everyone seems to get into the act expressing their own opinions. These day they don’t share their two cent from their bar stools or barcaloungers  – instead they go to Twitter.

Check out these 20 sometimes funny, sometimes furious, sometimes just plain practical tweets about Amanda Knox right here:



@marija127 Marija
even if she’s found innocent finding a new roommate might be a challenge #amandaknox

@pcornwell Patricia Cornwell
#AmandaKnox Proper crime scene preservation & evidence collection is a problem everywhere. Limited training & resources & getting worse.

@Charles_HRH Prince Charles
No Harry, you cannot invite Foxy Knoxy round for a sleepover. One doesn’t care that you want to “see how foxy she really is”

@ tfly Tony Fly
After her murder conviction was overturned, #AmandaKnox went on Craigslist to look for a new roommate. So far, not a lot of response.

I’m not sure someone who blamed an innocent man for murder should make a fortune from book deals and interviews.

@jennakimjones JKJ
See you on Dancing with the Stars, Amanda Knox! 

@nationallampoon National Lampoon
Italy owes #AmandaKnox a LOT of free spaghetti.

@RealGilbert Gilbert Gottfried
Amanda Knox just confessed to killing Casey Anthony’s daughter.

@talkSPORTDrive talkSPORTDrive
Why hate Amanda Knox? Would you like to be locked up for a crime you didn’t commit? Turn the hate into love for the Kercher family #sadtimes

@MarcusStead Marcus Stead
Whether or not Amanda Knox is guilty, all this ‘Foxy Knoxy’ nonsense is inappropriate. Have we forgotten Meredith Kercher was murdered?

@KrisKling Kristin Klingshirn
And the truth comes out. US made a deal with Italy. US gets Amanda Knox. Italy gets promise we’ll never let Jersey Shore film there again.

@kevin_nealon Kevin Nealon
Would it be an understatement to say Amanda Knox and her boyfriend have had a bumpy relationship?

@AnnCoulter Ann Coulter
Amanda Knox not guilty, Casey Anthony rolls eyes, says; “we’ll, duh…”

@ChadDarnell Chad Darnell
Dear Italy: We will gladly hand over the entire cast of THE JERSEY SHORE in exchange for Amanda Knox. No take-backs.

@Prince___Harry Prince Harry
It would have been nice of Amanda #Knox ‘s sister to mention the Kercher family in her statement. #sickandwrong

@HarveyLevinTMZ Harvey Levin
Amanda Knox is going to make a million bucks doing a TV interview….absolutely no doubt

@ devhynes Devonté Hynes
Casey Anthony. Amanda Knox. Troy Davis. Spot the difference.

@hotdogdynamite Larry Fahey
The prosecutor theorized that #amandaknox killed someone because of a pot-induced rage? That guy is smoking the wrong kind of #pot

@callieballoo Ms Callie Burrell
#HowToMakeItInAmerica kill someone and cry a lot. #AmandaKnox

@TyTheTrain Tyler D
i am way to lazy and ignorant to bother learning who #AmandaKnox is

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