Amazing! 8 Books Transformed into Works of Art

8 Books Transformed into Works of ArtHave you switched over to an e-reader yet or are you one of the few remaining Luddites that still prefers the feel of the page of a book under fingertip? I am a recent convert. After purchasing a Kindle for my husband as a birthday gift, I slowly came to appreciate the ability to download almost any book I wanted with the touch of a button.

I still sometimes miss holding a book, however. It’s the smell I miss most and the fact that you don’t have to power them down when taking off or landing during an airplane ride. Sometimes I wonder what will become of all the ‘traditional’ books. As far-fetched as it may seem at present, I wouldn’t be surprised if paperbacks went the way of the VHS and the cassette tape.

I recently stumbled across the work of Isaac Salazar an artist who has a solution for all those old books better than using them to line our landfills. Salazar is rescuing books from his local library’s discard pile and turning them into stunning works of art.

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    Isaac Salazar was on the hunt for a new hobby when his wife suggested folding the pages of a book to create a design. The idea came from a display the couple had seen in a model home. "It dawned on me that it could be used as a way to inspire people, and could also be considered art," Salazar told Reader's Digest.
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    Each work can take anywhere from three days to five weeks and are created by folding the pages as well as minor cuts.
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    Salazar uses books he finds in the discard pile of the library. "They may have out lived their life of providing someone with a wonderful story but their story doesn't have to end there. By turning these books into works of art and displaying inspiring words or symbols I feel that I provide a new life and purpose for the books and more importantly give people a reason to once again take a look at books in a new light," he told the Huffington Post
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    Salazar has an Etsy shop where his work can be commissioned. He is currently booked through 2013.
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    According to his website, Salazar is a self-made artist and has never taken an art class. Instead, he works as an accountant full-time and makes his creations with in his spare time.
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    "If the title of a book represents a positive and inspiring message that also meshes with the word or design I fold into the book, I can't help but feel that what I am creating is meant to be," said Salazar.
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    A paw for the pet lover
    When asked about his choice of medium Salazar said that it was because "in this day and age of growing technology tablets, the book is slowly becoming a dying breed. There are so many books circulating in this world that it would be a true shame to see such "blank canvas's" being discarded."
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    For more of his work, find Isaac Salazar on Flickr.

All photographs courtesy of Isaac Salazar.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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