Amazing Art Made from Spilled Food (Photos)

The spilling of milk is a common occurrence in our home. Spilled milk on the dinner table, spilled milk on the floor, and spilled milk all over my daughter’s clothes. That milk doesn’t stay long — we quickly wipe up the mess. But now after seeing the work of the French artist Vivi Mac, I’m rethinking that.

Vivi Mac creates witty pop culture masterpieces using a variety of food products, from gum to spilled wine and milk, to form portraits of luminaries such as Ghandi, George Clooney, and Yoda. And she does it quickly, calling her work “speed painting” (check out a video of her at work below).

Check out these amazing pieces of awesome food art right here.

  • Nelson Mandela 1 of 18

    Amazing ... just amazing. Vivi Mac created this stunning image of Nelson Mandela made from spilled milk.

  • Yoda 2 of 18

    Yoda is made here out of a perfect hue of green gum.

  • Obama 3 of 18

    Yes we can! A portrait of Barack Obama made of brown sugar.

  • Ice Cube 4 of 18

    This is one of her witty ones — Ice Cube made from ice cubes ... and salt.

  • Bruce Lee 5 of 18

    An amazing Bruce Lee portrait made entirely of milk.

  • Ghandi 6 of 18

    Ghandi created from spilled chocolate milk, perfectly executed.

  • Amy Winehouse 7 of 18

    A tribute to Amy Winehouse made from, of course, spilled wine.

  • Michael Jackson 8 of 18

    A stunning image of Michael Jackson made from milk.

  • Serge Gainsbourg 9 of 18

    A portrait of the French songwriter and singer Serge Gainsbourg made from Ballantine's Scotch whiskey.

  • Marlon Brando 10 of 18

    A tribute to Marlon Brando from The Godfather, executed using flour.

  • Malcolm X 11 of 18

    A temporary portrait of Malcolm X made of milk — yet another great piece made using dairy.

  • Michael Jordan 12 of 18

    An action shot of Michael Jordan made, yes, out of milk again.

  • Lauryn Hill 13 of 18

    A delicious portrait of Lauryn Hill. Simple yet perfect. 

  • Pope Francis 14 of 18

    A clever picture of Pope Francis made from Vieux Papes wine.

  • George Clooney 15 of 18

    George Clooney crafted from coffee — caffeinated and very cool.

  • Martin Luther King Jr. 16 of 18

    Martin Luther King Jr. beautifully created from spilled coffee. So well done.

  • Jack Sparrow 17 of 18

    A perfect pirate-worthy portrait of Jack Sparrow, as played by Johnny Depp, made from rum.

  • Amélie 18 of 18

    Adorable, Amélie created with chocolate milk. This one is literally sweet.

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Photo Source: Vivi Mac/Facebook

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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