AMAZING Feats of Face Painting: Mom Creates Make-up Magic!

Kids love face painting. It’s just one of those “things” they adore, along with candy and cartoons. Face painting artists are at parties, school functions, fairs, amusement parks, or pretty much anywhere where there are children en masse. But generally these face painting applications are simple; a set of whiskers, a little butterfly, or the occasional Spiderman web. Artist and mom Christy Lewis takes the practice of face painting to an entirely enthralling, amazing and stunning level. But before you get on the phone to hire her for your next party, her company Daizy Design Face Painting may be a bit far away for you. She is based in the Kapiti Coast of New Zealand.

Check out some of her AMAZING work right here:

  • image-3255 1 of 23
  • Monster 2 of 23
    This is not a mask, this is not a real live monster; it is just an amazing feat of face painting.
  • E.T. 3 of 23
    Totally AMAZING! It's stunning how she created E.T.'s face and neck.
  • Day of the Dead 4 of 23
    Day of the Dead
    A gorgeous yet somber Day of the Dead inspired make-up creation.
  • Giraffe 5 of 23
    This is such a beautifully executed face of giraffe. She doesn't need a long neck the face says it all (although the neck paint is a nice touch).
  • A Bird 6 of 23
    A Bird
    Looking at this child, you expect her to have wings.
  • Kitty 7 of 23
    Meow! An adorable kitty cat!
  • Leopard 8 of 23
    This little girl looks like she is ready to pounce.
  • Turtle Man 9 of 23
    Turtle Man
    I'm assuming this is a turtle-like creature, but your guess is as good as mine!
  • Big Cat 10 of 23
    Big Cat
    This is a lovely big cat. I love the eye detail.
  • Adorable 11 of 23
    Is this child a hedgehog or some other adorable animal? I don't totally know, but they sure are cute.
  • Skull Girl 12 of 23
    Skull Girl
    The artist can go from cute to creepy!
  • Peacock 13 of 23
    This is like some kind of exotic alien peacock! Gorgeous.
  • Cute! 14 of 23
    This has got to be one of the cutest things EVER.
  • Foxy 15 of 23
    Hide the chickens! A fox is on the loose!
  • All Colors 16 of 23
    All Colors
    I'm not sure what this is supposed to be, but the colors are fabulous.
  • A Bee 17 of 23
    A Bee
    I love how the little girl's nose is incorporated into the bee's body.
  • Dog 18 of 23
    A tough little dog face for such a cute little girl!
  • Full Face Animal 19 of 23
    Full Face Animal
    A full face animal! It's amazing how she captured the shape of the animal's face.
  • Elephant 20 of 23
    The tusks on this elephant really make the make-up.
  • Creature! 21 of 23
    An eerie but beautiful creature.
  • Doggie 22 of 23
    Doggone, that is a well done pup!
  • Dino 23 of 23
    A prehistoric face painting job!

Check out more of Daizy Design Face Painting’s amazing work right here.

Photo Source: Daizy Design
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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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