Amazing Photo Series Shows 4 Sisters In Exact Same Poses Then and Now

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From the series “Growth.”

Helsinki-based artist Wilma Hurskainen spent two years painstakingly recreating several childhood photos taken by her dad of her and her three sisters. The series, entitled Growth, required the cooperation of Hurskainen’s whole family, and she says “the new photograph(s) look as similar as possible to the old one(s): the place and the composition are the same, and so are our positions and facial expressions.” Hurskainen says, “I have always been very attracted by the photograph’s ability to cross time and create this kind of comparisons. There is something sad, almost tragic, about looking at old photographs compared to new ones and seeing how people and things have changed or grown up …. In the pictures it seems as if we were trying to go back to our childhood by adopting the same position towards each other and the photographer’s/spectator’s gaze but we unavoidably fail. We have to fail there is no return in time.”

I particularly love Hurskainen’s view that, “Family photographs can be a way of reflecting one’s past and identity, but the pictures conceal just as much as they reveal.” Enjoy her wonderful creations below, and see what stories you can come up with for each tableau:

  • Going to School 1 of 15
    Going to School
    Everyone got their backpack?
  • Puijo Tower 2 of 15
    Puijo Tower
    Haha, guess it's hard to recreate wind.
  • Birthday Cake 3 of 15
    Birthday Cake
    I bet those girls wish they still had those Donald Duck sweatshirts.
  • Castle Olavinlinna 4 of 15
    Castle Olavinlinna
    I love the subtlety of the way Hurskainen captures even the tug of a sweater and recreates almost the exact body angles and positions of the original photos.
  • On the Yard 5 of 15
    On the Yard
    Dude - you know her mom wishes she still had that crazy 80's sweater!
  • In the Cabin 6 of 15
    In the Cabin
    There's no reason the "grown-up" photo couldn't feature a binky.
  • Family Portrait 7 of 15
    Family Portrait
    Funny how our children can get bigger than us, right?
  • In the Bathtub 8 of 15
    In the Bathtub
    This is my absolute fave. There's something about the classic bathtub pic that really captures the essence of childhood.
  • Winter 9 of 15
    When I looked at the original photo, I didn't realize the girls were standing in front of a play house. Cool reveal here in terms of scale.
  • The Royal Palace 10 of 15
    The Royal Palace
    This one is super cute. It reminds me of the fact that in the pre-digital era, you could get a more unique, evocative, in-the-moment photo than you can now, with everyone checking to see if the photo came out perfectly. It's so hard to get a truly candid shot nowadays.
  • Gnomes 11 of 15
    Haha the girl on the left! Sad gnome.
  • Drottningholm 12 of 15
    One of the most interesting things about these photos is the way the hairstyles and colors differ from the way the girls looked in childhood.
  • Control Room 13 of 15
    Control Room
    Best thing about this? Mom's still got orange hair. Nice.
  • Skiing 14 of 15
    Remember those 80s knits? Love that look!
  • Pencil Sweaters 15 of 15
    Pencil Sweaters
    The littlest sis ended up being the biggest!

All photos used with permission of the artist. Via Laughing Squid.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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