American Girl Doll Goes Bald! A Version for Girls with Cancer to Play With

There are oodles of American Girl dolls to choose from. There are classics historical characters like Molly, the girl of the year (this year it’s McKenna the gymnast), and My American Girl Doll (the doll that can be customized). But one thing about all these dolls? They all have hair, almost all with locks that are long and flowing.

But let’s say your girl wants to have an American Girl Doll that looks like her but she doesn’t have brown hair, blonde hair or black hair, but rather no hair at all. Well, now she can get one that is bald.  This came on the heels of one of Mattel’s other big brands, Barbie, announcing they were going to do a bald version for kids going through cancer treatment.

Their “Doll Without Hair” is available in five different skin tones. And — in an awesome move — if your daughter already has a American Girl doll that she loves and adores but is going through chemo and has lost her hair, her doll can take the journey with her. Her doll — already in her possession — can be taken to an American Girl doll “hospital” and they will replace the doll’s head with one without hair.

Jeanne Segar at The Stir salutes American Girl’s new option saying, “I look at bald dolls much the way I do multicultural dolls. The more the toys on the shelves represent the many different kids who will be playing with them, the better message we are sending to our kids. It’s a subtle way to teach kids that being “different” doesn’t make them weird. That applies to the kid who plays with something that looks like them … and it applies to other kids too.”

I couldn’t agree more.

Image: American Girl Doll

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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