America's Favorite Baby Names, Says Nameberry

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America's top name is anything but modern.

Forget the newest names and the hottest names, and even the coolest baby names on the block. A lot of moms and dads want to hear America’s favorite baby names.

Of course, choosing any favorites is a subjective endeavor (for example, Giants this Sunday cough, cough) but Nameberry, the popular baby naming website, wanted to conduct a full search into the hearts of Americans to get their all time favorite names. So they collaborated with HuffPo Parents to get as many votes as possible. In the end, the results come from thousands of people weighing in with their selections.

Here are the finalists Nameberry settled on, along with brief explanations of why they are beloved:


Amelia: A finalist is Amelia, a German name that means “work,” is rising to take the place of former No. 1 names Emily and Emma.

Lila: Finalist Lila is a new darling of parents enchanted by its lilting loveliness. Lila is one of a raft of double-L names including Layla, Leila, Lily, and even Lola and Delilah that are on the rise.

Ava: Runner-up Ava, “bird” in Latin, is an ancient saints’ name that also feels sleek and modern. Glamour girl Ava Gardner helped launch its revival, and Reese Witherspoon catapulted it to a new generation of stardom when she chose it for her daughter.

Charlotte: America’s favorite baby name for girls: Charlotte! Charlotte has also been Nameberry’s No. 1 baby name for girls for the past two years. The feminine for Charles, Charlotte is a royal name also notably the name of one of the Bronte sisters and the literary spider.


Aiden: Aiden is an old Irish name that means “fiery” and was virtually unknown in the U.S. until the advent of actor Aidan Quinn and boyfriend Aidan on “Sex & the City.”

Finn: Third place Finn, one of Nameberry’s favorites, is the name of the greatest hero of Irish mythology, Finn McCool. More recently, he’s the hunk on “Glee.”

Jackson: Second place boys’ name Jackson is now more popular than father names John or Jack. Artistic references include painter Jackson Pollock and musicians Jackson Browne and Michael Jackson.

James: And America’s favorite boys’ name is: James! A premiere fashionable classic, James derives from the same root as No. 1 name Jacob and has the same meaning, “supplanter.” Attractive James include Bond, Dean and Franco.

What is your favorite name?

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