Amy Poehler Thanks Her Nannies — and Yours — in Time 100 Toast

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Amy Poehler toasts the women who make it happen: childcare workers.

Amy Poehler is the best, you know. She has one of the funniest shows on TV, she puts her time, face and name behind a totally under-acknowledge website/blog/virtual gathering place for tween girls, Smart Girls at the Party. She has two young boys, works hard, is smart, makes us laugh.

She was our favorite Amy named to the Time 100, a list of the most influential people in the world as chosen by representatives from Time magazine. A speech she made last night at a gala honoring the Time 100 only makes us love her more.

She was called up to give a toast, so she cracked a few jokes, named some names and let on that maybe she had a bit too much to drink. She used the last minute of her time to say thanks … to her nannies.

Know what else? She thanked your nanny/babysitter/childcare worker, too.

NY Mag‘s Jada Yuan covered the event and transcribed Amy Poehler’s toast on the Vulture blog. Here are the highlights for weary working moms everywhere:

… tonight, I’m genuinely very humbled and honored to be part of this evening, so I would like to take my remaining minute to um … I have thought very hard and long about what has influenced me over the past couple of years, and since I have been at this dinner in 2008, I have given birth to two boys and I’ve left Saturday Night Live and I started my own TV show, and it’s been a crazy couple of years, and I thought who besides Madam Secretary Clinton and Lorne Michaels have influenced me? And it was the women who helped me take care of my children. It is Jackie Johnson from Trinidad and it is Dawa Chodon from Tibet, who come to my house and help me raise my children. And for you working women who are out there tonight who get to do what you get to do because there are wonderful people who help you at home, I would like to take a moment to thank those people, some of whom are watching their children right now, while you’re at this event. Those are people who love your children as much as you do, and who inspire them and influence them and on behalf of every sister and mother and person who stands in your kitchen and helps you love your child, I say thank you and I celebrate you tonight.

Between Poehler and Tina Fey, childcare workers just might get their due praise from us all. Moreover, high-power and Hollywood moms who make having it all look easy might finally cop to getting — and loving — the tons of help they have. Big win.


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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