An Inside Look: The Secret Popcorn People of Disneyland [Photos]

Disneyland maybe small in comparison to some of its larger sister parks, but the attention to detail at Disneyland is grand. We’re taking a closer look at a detail in Disneyland Park that is often overlooked. We’re specifically talking about the “Roastie-Toasties,” or as we like to call them, the “popcorn people” that work on the 7 popcorn wagons throughout Disneyland. Have you seen them? They’re the little mechanical  magical popcorn people that turn the drum full of popcorn to keep it powered. According to Disney Parks Blog:

“Early photos reveal “popcorn people” existed at Disneyland as far back as 1955. The popcorn wagons were labeled “The Cretors” named after C. Cretors & Co., founded in 1855, the company that originally produced the carts and their clown dolls. Eventually the clowns were transformed to match the land in which they performed.”

An article from the written by Debra Peterson shares some history and original name of these magical popcorn people:

“Walt Disney Imagineering: A Behind the Dream Look at Making MORE Magic Real,” a 2010 follow-up to a 1996 behind-the-scenes book written by Disney Imagineers, calls the hard-working figures Roastie-Toasties.

Snacking at Disney Parks is part of the experience. Some people go for the churros, or frozen lemonade. For most of our family members, popcorn is the snack too good to pass up. From the minute we smell it, we’ve got to have it! Getting popcorn at Disneyland tastes even better, especially when you can get a serving large enough to share in those cute souvenir buckets!

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Photo Source(s): Disney Sisters

Watch a video on the Popcorn People from Disney Parks Blog.


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