An Update on ‘Daddy’$ Money’ Shoes, In Which Everyone Clarifies Everything, Pretty Much

Update on 'Daddy'$ Money' Shoes: In Which Everyone Clarifies Everything, Pretty Much (via Babble)This is the shoe story that won’t die.

After seeing the rage-inducing commercial for a shoe for teens called Daddy’$ Money first on Rants from Mommyland, I wrote a post about all the things I hate about these wedge-heel sneakers.  I certainly wasn’t the only one who felt that way, either — the story of parental disgust was covered by Huffington Post, Good Morning America, and ABC News, among others.

Many, many parents voiced their horror at the shoes, their marketing campaign, and pretty much the entire state of civilization. And they voiced those feelings not just to Skechers USA, which owns the Daddy’$ Money line, but to retailers selling the shoes.

“Shoe shopping for my teen is tough enough without hidden high heels in sneakers!” one mom wrote on Famous Footwear’s Facebook page. “Sneakers should not equal sore feet at the end of the day. Boot those Daddy shoes to the curb, please!”

In response to these customer concerns, national shoe retail Famous Footwear said that it would no longer be selling the Daddy’$ Money line of shoes. In a mind-blowing feat of customer service, Famous Footwear even took the time to answer individual Facebook comments.

“Hello Sara,” a Famous Footwear spokesperson responded to the above mom’s comment. “We thank you for the feedback in response to the Daddy’s Money line. We have forwarded your feedback to the appropriate parties for consideration. –Amanda.”

A few days later, a second response appeared.

“Hi Sara, We wanted to make you aware that Famous Footwear will no longer be selling ‘Daddy’s Money’ shoes. Thank you again for your feedback. Our customers are our number one priority and we value your opinion.”

Daddy’$ Money shoes disappeared off Famous Footwear’s website, as well as the website, which I had linked to in my first post. Famous Footwear and are both owned by Brown Shoe Company. (If you’re wondering if Brown Shoe Company has something to do with those sensible Buster Browns you wore as a kid, the answer is yes. You can still buy Buster Browns for your little ones here.)

After I wrote about the shoes being yoinked from Famous Footwear, Skechers USA sent me a lovely email clarifying that the Daddy’$ Money line is still available in Famous Footwear stores. And, indeed, that turns out to be true. Or, at least, true-ish. They are in some Famous Footwear stores. (Not in the one closest to me, for example.) Skechers’ PR Manager also pointed out that the shoes are still available at other major retailers, including Zappos and DSW.

Brown Shoe Company’s Assistant Manager of Consumer Services Julia Marsh explained, “We are still selling the remaining stock that we have of the shoes in our Famous Footwear stores.  However, once the stock that we have is purchased, we will not be ordering more of the item.”

In other words, the shoes weren’t pulled from the shelves, as I had initially thought. They were removed from the websites, and the remaining stock is being sold in some retail stores. It kind of puts a new spin on the phrase, “available in select stores now!”

While I’m happy to clarify the finer points of this debacle, I’d also like to remind everyone what we’re really talking about here. Lest we forget:

So…yeah. If you need me, I’ll be in a corner weeping for humanity.

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