Anatomy of a Marriage: How Barbie and Ken's Dream House, Life Turned Into a Nightmare (PHOTOS)

In the Dollhouse
The sight no wife ever wants to see

Never assume that anything is as perfect as it seems.

Take Barbie and Ken, for example. For decades they’ve been among the world’s most beautiful couples. But the cracks in the facade have always been there. Like, why can’t fickle Barbie commit to just one career, for example? Is Ken even into women? Is Skipper a third wheel in their marriage?

Photographer Dina Goldstein’s young daughter recently started playing with Barbie dolls, which made her wonder how Ken “struggles with his position in the household and faces his lack of authenticity.” Not to mention how he’s surely “grappling with his sexuality and finds himself in a loveless marriage.”

Take a look Goldstein’s “In the Dollhouse” and see how the dream house much more closely resembles a nightmare:

  • Bedroom magazines 1 of 10
    Bedroom magazines
    "What's happening to gender roles in the modern world? Traditional gender roles remain the status quo in most countries, and women are still treated as second-class citizens in the countries with the highest populations."
  • Bathroom Mirror 2 of 10
    Bathroom Mirror
    "Men in these countries don't necessarily have it easy either, having to live up to societal expectations and bearing the financial burden of providing for their families."
  • Breakfast 3 of 10
    "However, there is a cultural shift that that is slowly growing within Western democratic, free thinking societies. In the past, men have been defined as the ‘breadwinner' and women as nurturing homemakers. Today a man could easily find himself pushing a stroller and driving the kids to soccer practice, while women often find themselves generating the primary (sometimes the only) financial support for a family."
  • Dining Alone 4 of 10
    Dining Alone
    "Barbie has been criticized for being anti-feminist and for being an unrealistic role model. She holds a unique and special place in the cultural consciousness and memories of young girls around the world."
  • Passed Out 5 of 10
    Passed Out
    "After decades of imposed partnership, B and K are taking a hard look at their lives within the dollhouse walls. They are examining their fears and secret desires."
  • The Dream 6 of 10
    The Dream
    "[Barbie's] partner is a flamboyant male, who over the years has morphed into what we today would call a ‘metrosexual'. He is the antithesis of the muscular and über-manly G.I. Joe and has been purposefully feminized by his designers to the point where he has been emasculated."
  • Bathroom 7 of 10
    "Both dolls exhibit no physical sexuality and are puppets for young minds that are roleplaying."
  • Affair 8 of 10
    "Like all of us they eventually must face reality and the consequences of their actions."
  • Haircut 9 of 10
    "They are examining their fears and secret desires."
  • Headless 10 of 10
    "Like all of us they eventually must face reality and the consequences of their actions."

Source: The Huffington Post

Photo & caption credits: Dina Goldstein

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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