Angelina Jolie Doesn't Like to Clean. Well, Who Does?

Alert Hollywood: Angelina Jolie will never play Cinderella.

She’s not afraid of blonde wigs, she doesn’t mind dressing up. But the whole rags-to-riches theme doesn’t appeal to her. Knight in shining armor? Well, you’ve seen her movies. She’d rather save herself.

But the big problem with playing Cinderella is this:

she would have to clean. Floors. Like hands and knees scrubbing. And there’s one thing Jolie doesn’t do, apparently, and that is clean.

Of course, she can pay people to clean — to get on their hands and knees and start scrubbing. And with the six kids, it’s probably better for her knees that she outsources this kind of thing.

I think cleaning is over-prioritized in our society. I’m amazed at the amount of time people spend on regular cleaning. When I read stories of how chores are divided in the American household, I’m amazed. Other people’s business, I know, I know. And some people actually find cleaning therapeutic. For me, though, cleaning feels endless. So I do as little as I can get away with. Pick up as I go. The daily stuff falls to my husband (who doesn’t find it therapeutic, but has a higher standard than me).

I’m all for Jolie skipping the Cinderella role, martyring herself with a scrub-brush and a bucket of suds. I’d hate to see cleaning get glamorized by the likes of a hot mother of six.

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