Angry Birds an Educational Tool? Teachers Use Angry Birds for Physics Lesson

Angry Birds physics lesson educational
Angry Birds being used in school physics lessons

If you’ve argued that video games and apps are doing nothing but wasting brain power, consider the case for Angry Birds as an educational tool.

Some teachers have taken to using the popular app game to teach a lesson in physics.

So, while you’re catapulting those angry birds at those annoying piggies, keep in mind that there’s more at play than, well… play.

You see, the learning tool comes in the way you launch those birds and the trajectory they take to wipe out the pigs. If you’re good at it, you may be using the laws of physics to your advantage to demolish the pigs’ structures.

Ninth grade physics teacher John Burk, who teaches at the Westminster Schools in Atlanta, asked students, “What are the laws of physics in the Angry Birds world?”

Burk shared his teachings on his blog, noting that “the two big ideas of projectile motion: the horizontal component of motion is constant velocity, while the vertical component is constant acceleration.”

With Google Chrome making Angry Birds available online, it became a readily available teaching tool to teachers nationwide.

Burk plans to use Tiny Wings to teach his next lessons!

Personally, I would have loved to have had teaching tools like this when I was a kid. I still remember thinking it was pretty awesome to be able to watch Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure in Social Studies because it kind-of-sort-of had some inkling of a history lesson involved.

While my kids are too young for physics, they are Angry Birds fans, so I’m sure a lesson that involved the app would get their full attention.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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