Another Kentucky Dad Leaves Baby In Hot Car

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Even toddlers are silent when sound asleep in the back.

Just a little over a week ago, we heard of the Kentucky dad who mistakenly left his son in the car when he forgot to drop him off at day care and went to work. Tragically, the boy, 8-month-old Lincoln Lindsay, died. The dad did not find him until he came out of work for the day that evening.

Now another Kentucky father has done the same thing.

Kenneth Robinson, 31, forgot to drop his 2-year-old son, Brady, at day care before heading to work at his insurance firm. Luckily, a co-worker noticed the toddler strapped into his car seat, looking sweaty and irritable. The co-worker quickly called the police.

The boy was overheated when rescued and spent the night in the hospital but, thank goodness, he survived. The temperatures outside lingered around 85 degrees that day but inside the car, it was determined to have reached 100 degrees.

ABC News reports that 33 children died of hyperthermia in the United States last year after being left in a vehicle, and so far, six have already died this year. There is a free app called Baby Reminder that reminds parents to check their backseat for their baby. It’s just a matter of time (if they haven’t already started) before the major automobile companies will work on a vehicle safety system that prevents these types of tragedies.

Robinson was charged with felony wanton endangerment but pleaded not guilty.

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