Anthrax Scare Hits 20 Washington, DC, Schools

Talcum Powder
A white powdery substance was mailed in envelopes to at least 20 schools in Washington, DC

As if Sept. 11, 2001, wasn’t traumatic enough, remember when a few people were killed from anthrax poisoning shortly after the terrorist attacks from opening letters mailed to them that contained the deadly powder? With a nation already panicked and mourning, it was salt in a wound that was beyond cruel.

Who knows if it’s a coincidence, but just days after 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden was killed by U.S. military forces, at least 20 letters were delivered to schools in Washington, DC, today that contained a suspicious white power.

So far, the FBI has examined four of the letters.

No hazardous materials were found in the letters that have been tested so far, and the others are still in the process of being analyzed. Some of the schools were evacuated for “precautionary reasons,” according to the Associated Press, but there have been no illness or injuries in connection with the envelopes.

All city school mailrooms in DC are on lockdown. NBC Washington is reporting that the letters were postmarked from Texas.

The first suspicious letter was reported this afternoon at Terrell Elementary School in southeast Washington.

At least one of the envelopes to one of the schools had “”al quaida, fbi, usa” written on it.

Hopefully all of the letters will turn out to be nothing more than baby powder, and authorities will catch the sick creep that thinks it’s amusing to make light of a deadly situation by scaring institutions that intend to keep educate and keep our children safe.

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