The Anti-Raunch Movement…A New Wave Of Feminism?

tweensmall03094858You’d think the only thing that feminists and libertarians could possibly agree on with the Sarah Palins of the world is the color of milk.  Turns out there may be a new wave of feminism that embraces at least one socially conservative value:  the anti-raunch movement.

Mia Freedman, mommy blogger and ex-editor in chief of  Australian Cosmopolitan…used to…well, ex-editor in chief of Cosmo says it all.  Helming a magazine that regularly posts the “Sex Position of the Day” is hardly for the prudish.

But then Freedman had kids and her world view turned around.  She told The Australian that saw the casualisation of raunch through mommy eyes and was not happy.  Sexed-up teens, ready access to internet porn and society’s casual acceptance of them was,  to her, not okay. The hyper-sexualization of society is not only offensive to Freedman– many of her readers are up in arms as well.

“You’ve got mums doing pole classes or babies wearing T-shirts saying `I’m a tits man’ at three months.”

British feminist Natasha Walter agrees with Freedman, and feels that the impossible-to-achieve physical ideals foisted upon females today, coupled with “exaggerated femininity and a porn-star style sexuality” undermines young girls.

As other prominent Australian feminists and libertarians hop on the anti-raunch bandwagon, their concern over kids being ambushed with sexual images are causing them to be labeled puritans, or the dreaded “social conservative”.

In Australia, the debate has become non-partisan.  What about here in the U.S.?  Do you think we live in a hypersexual society?  If so, what should we do about it?


Article Posted 7 years Ago

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