Any Dad ‘Embarrassed’ To Push His Kid in a Stroller Shouldn’t Have Had Kids

buggyMaybe it’s because I’m pregnant and hormonal.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been puking for four weeks straight.

Maybe it’s because any dad who says he’s embarrassed to push his kid’s stroller shouldn’t have had the kid in the first place.

Whatever the reason, when I read over on Today Moms about how some dads are embarrassed to push their kids in strollers I got all kinds of outraged. Which, I know, there are plenty more things in the world to be outraged by but, like I said, I’m in the first trimester. My emotions cannot be controlled.

Apparently a car maker is unveiling a ‘manly’ version of a stroller, touting it as the ultimate accessory for new dads. The “Mega Man-Pram” comes complete with hydraulic suspension, 20-inch alloy wheels, anti-stress grips and a headlamp beam for night walks. European car company, Å KODA, unveiled the stroller as a kind of an attention-grabbing way to celebrate the launch of a new car model.

The stroller creation was inspired by a study Å KODA commissioned. A poll of 1,000 British dads found that a third of them say they feel embarrassed pushing conventional strollers. Not only that, but a quarter of the men questioned say they always insist their partner push the carriage when out for walks together. Apparently 76 percent of dads would be more likely to push the stroller if it was more manly.

I realize the “Mega Man-Pram” is a joke but the study isn’t. 1 in 3 dads is embarrassed to push his kid in a stroller? That statistic really stuck in my craw. I’ve been overjoyed to see the rise in the number of dads babywearing and I confidently submit to you that there is nothing more manly or as sexy as a dad carrying his baby and that includes pushing it in a stroller.

If you’re a dad who makes your wife push the stroller or feels that the task is somehow ‘feminine’ may I politely suggest that you GET OVER YOURSELF RIGHT NOW YOU STUPID CAVEMAN and step into the 21st century where sexy men are stay at home dads, working dads who moonlight as diaper changers and baby wearers, single dads whipping up breakfast and braiding hair and just about every other kind of dad you can fathom.

And nothing is manlier than a good dad.

Image source: SKODA

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