They Said WHAT?! Most Appalling Things People Say To New Moms

They said WHAT?!

Some people say the stupidest things to new moms. FromĀ horrific labor tales to plenty of other opinions that are better left UNSAID. Readers on Facebook and Twitter offered up the most appalling things people said to them when pregnant or with a new babe… and some of these are outrageous! They said what?!

I’ll go first! When I had my first baby, we had taken plenty of pictures and video the first couple days, so I didn’t buy the hospital newborn photos. The nurse handling the order form explained that another family didn’t buy them either, and when they got home their baby died. “They really wished they had bought those photos.”



A woman at a garage sale told me with hand motions and everything to “go ahead & get an epidural, honey because it feels like a hot knife is stabbing you in the vagina over and over.” –Robin Plemmons via Facebook

Where’s the remote to shut you up?
“Don’t you know how those are made?” or “You must not have cable,” since I’m pregnant with my third baby under three years of age- Sara, Facebook

I was in the hospital having an awful delivery experience and while we are all worrying about me and the baby dying my sister is calling my husband’s cellphone- not for updates- but to belittle me for not breastfeeding the baby who wasn’t there yet, since my Dr. recommended it since most of my organs were failing! –Alison Jeffrey via Facebook

Sugar & spice and everything nice
After I had my 2nd son I was at local grocery store when a lady approached me, said how cute my two boys were, then put her hand behind my back consoling me because I didn’t “get my girl”. Lori via Facebook

Mind your bedside manners
2nd opinion doc “you need a c section, now, not after lunch not tomorrow, now. Your baby might be dead or retarded by now” – @SugarTwittes,

One woman sweetly placed her hand on my belly, rubbing it and smiling in that knowing way before walking off…I didn’t have the heart to tell her I had delivered our daughter three weeks earlier. – Lisa via Facebook

Thanks, Doc
My first child, first check up, the Dr. found out we were about to circumcise him and went on to tell me that he was going to die of a hemorrhage, that I was like the people in Africa doing female mutilation, and that we should have never been parents- Candra Georgi via Facebook

I don’t even have teeth yet!
I was told to stop night nursing or I would rot her teeth (which she didn’t have yet) out of her head- via Twitter, @tristina_wright

Um, ok?
When we shared our favorite boy name with a member of my husband’s family, she said, “Oh, don’t name him that. I know a child molester with that name.” Sara via Facebook

What shocking things have you heard come out of people’s mouths? Or have you had to put your foot in your mouth about something you’ve said?

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