Apple Bans Sexy Apps

iphone-sm250In a move intended to appease women and protect children, Apple has banned all sexy apps from their App Store. Well, almost all of them.

If your are Playboy or Sports Illustrated, your bikini-clad applications are more than welcome in the App Store.  But for everyone else, a new decency standard has been put in place that not only bans bikinis, but a whole host of other potentially arousing content. 

According to ChilliFresh, the developer of the newly-banned Wobble app, Apple says indecent images include those that show women in skating tights, sexy silhouettes and anything else that might be considered overtly sexual.  In other words, no boobs, babes or booty.

Philip W. Schiller, head of worldwide product marketing at Apple, says the move to clean up the App Store is in response to complaints from female customers who find this type of content degrading and parents who are concerned about what their kids are being exposed to when shopping in the App Store.

Not surprisingly, the developers of adult-themed applications are unhappy about being unceremoniously dumped from the App Store.  But while some people decry this move as censorship, most would agree that Apple has a right to sell — or not sell — whatever it chooses.  This is a for-profit business, not the public library.

But as a parent, what do you think?  Is this a smart move by Apple to make their products more family-friendly?  Will a cleaned-up App Store influence your decision when considering the purchase of an Apple product for your child?

Image: William Hook/Flickr

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