Apple’s iMessage Down For Many Today, But Is That Really A Big Deal?

iMessage_logoToday a friend’s family member had a minor health crisis, so she immediately sent out a text message to our little iMessage group of women (here to support each other in just this sort of crisis).

Unfortunately, the messages of support and jokes and questions got snagged up in Apple’s mini melt down today, causing the order to be out of sync and confusing and at times things seemed much worse than they wore.

Obviously it wasn’t a life or death situation, (thank goodness) and it’s certainly evidence of our over-reliance on technology but it was frustrating nonetheless.

According to Apple Support, iMessage (along with Facetime) was down for about five hours for some people today, resolving around 8:20pm today. Twitter was rife with complaints, because apparently no one was getting the fail whale, and some of the complaints were rather hilarious.

Interestingly, in the report on the issue by The Next Web they closed with this:

If you’re wondering why we continue to report on the status of iMessage outages, you can check out this piece from back when Apple was facing the first backlash against its Maps issues. Apple, as a service company, has a responsibility to get this right. If it wants iMessage to be a default communications method, it needs to have near 100% uptime. It’s not too bad overall, but there are still regular outages.

I don’t know; it seems to me that, in general, companies like Apple manage to keep billions and billions of bits of data flowing nearly all the time. So while it’s frustrating that it wasn’t working for a while today, I really think instead of complaining maybe we can all back up a bit and spend a bit being amazed at the stuff technology can do today.

Or maybe I’m just feeling zen. What say you?

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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