April Fool's Day: 20 Pranks NOT to Play on Your Kids

There are certain things that make a good April Fool’s Day prank. To create a successful, never-to-be forgotten joke there should be a feeling of peril, fear and/or shock.  Shorting the sheets or putting a fake bug on the table won’t cut it. Those are for April Fool’s Day wimps. A good April Fool’s joke ups the ante.

But there is a line that should not be crossed, especially when it comes to playing tricks on your sweet and innocent young children. You wouldn’t want to emotionally scar them for life with a mean or cruel joke…or would you?

Check out our list of 20 pranks NOT to play on your kids here:

  • Tell Them They Were Adopted. 1 of 19
    Tell Them They Were Adopted.
    This one will only work if they actually weren't adopted. Add some extra drama by telling them that their birth parents actually want them back and that they're coming for them in an hour.
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  • Hide the TV 2 of 19
    Hide the TV
    If your kid is a TV watcher, disconnect your TV and hide it. Tell them that you thought the family should live TV free from now on. Bonus points for taking all their favorite DVDs and using them as coasters.
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  • Honey, I Sold the Kids 3 of 19
    Honey, I Sold the Kids
    Tell your child you sold them on eBay, that you'll miss them but you really need the $400 bucks.
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  • Mommy is Moving to Paris. 4 of 19
    Mommy is Moving to Paris.
    Pack your suitcases and have them by the door. Extra points for dressing up with a chic scarf around your neck. Tell them that mommy has had enough and that she is moving to Paris to start a new life. Fess up once they start screaming and crying.
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  • School on Sunday? 5 of 19
    School on Sunday?
    On Sunday morning which is April 1st wake them up early and tell them to get ready for school. Don't let them try to convince you that it really is Sunday. Make their lunch, get them dressed, drive them to school and drop them off. Drive away and see how long it takes them to get back home.
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  • Mother and Daughter Dressed Up 6 of 19
    Mother and Daughter Dressed Up
    Tell them that they were actually born a boy (or a girl) but that you had them surgically altered, because you really wanted a girl…and that you already had all the pink clothes.
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  • Dinner is Served! 7 of 19
    Dinner is Served!
    Tell your kids you are making them the best dinner ever. Prepare all their least favorite foods think lima beans and liver. For dessert, give them one jelly bean. Nothing is more cruel than only having one jelly bean.
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  • Mega Million 8 of 19
    Mega Million
    If they are in high school, tell them you spent all their college fund money on Mega Million Lottery Tickets. Then tell them that you didn't win.
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  • Read Their Diary 9 of 19
    Read Their Diary
    This one is best done with a preteen or teenage girl. When they walk into the room, be sitting on the couch reading their diary. Be laughing really hard and pointing at them when they see you.
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  • Brrrrr…. 10 of 19
    Put their Pull-Ups or diapers in the freezer before putting them on your child. Giggle as they scream.
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  • Hot Stuff! 11 of 19
    Hot Stuff!
    Serve spaghetti for dinner. Put a secret ingredient in the sauce hot sauce, and lots of it. When they beg for a glass of milk, put a little hot sauce in there too.
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  • Moving to Alaska 12 of 19
    Moving to Alaska
    Tell them you're packing up the family and you'll all be moving to Alaska. If you already live in Alaska tell them you're moving to Siberia. Tell them they have 24 hours to pack and that they can only bring one suitcase.
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  • It Doesn’t Fit! 13 of 19
    It Doesn't Fit!
    Before they wake up, replace all their clothing in their closet with their clothes from two years ago. Tell them you're all going to their favorite restaurant for breakfast right that instant and that they have to get dressed right away. Laugh at them while they go out wearing clothing that totally doesn't fit.
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  • The Truth About Santa 14 of 19
    The Truth About Santa
    Tell them that Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy don't exist.
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  • Embarass Them 15 of 19
    Embarass Them
    Drop them off a Sunday playdate or their soccer game and say something really embarrassing in a very loud voice like, "did you change your underwear? They were so dirty last night!"
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  • Look What We Got You! 16 of 19
    Look What We Got You!
    That item that your kid has been begging for? Tell them you got it for them because you love them soooo much. Give them a nice wrapped present. Watch them open it and laugh at their shock when they see that the box is empty.
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  • Lego Fail 17 of 19
    Lego Fail
    Superglue all their legos together. But not in some cool Pirates of the Caribbean or Star Wars incarnation. Just all their daily play Legos.
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  • The Family Dog 18 of 19
    The Family Dog
    Hide the family dog. Tell them it got hit by a car and that it is dead. Then tell them it should make a great dinner!
  • Teddy Bear FAIL 19 of 19
    Teddy Bear FAIL
    Find a stand in for your child's favorite stuffed animal or beloved blankie. Rip it to shred with scissors. Tell them it got stuff in the garbage disposal. Laugh at them as they cry.
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And for some real April Fool’s Day pranks to play on the family – check out our own Mike Adamick’s suggestions right here!


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