April Fools: Disney Tricks, Tricksters and Practical Jokers

April Fools’ Day. Even tricksters and practical jokers have a special day to shine. So here at Babble Disney Voices, we thought it a great day to celebrate some of the best tricks, tricksters, and practical jokers from the Disney vault. Do you have a favorite?


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  • Tractor tipping 2 of 22
    Tractor tipping
    There are different types of Disney tricksters and practical jokers. Some, like Lightning and Mater, are just out for a chuckle and a thrill.
  • The old apple trick, rotten to the core 3 of 22
    The old apple trick, rotten to the core
    Others, like the Evil Queen from Snow White, who transforms herself into a sweet old lady in order to trick Snow White, have darker motives.
  • Mulan 4 of 22
    Still others, like Mulan, become tricksters for a noble cause.
  • Kaa 5 of 22
    And, of course, there are those for whom it's just their nature to be tricky. Like Kaa, from Disney's Jungle Book, who, with his hypnotizing eyes and soothing voice, is the type of trickster who can catch us off guard.
  • Wee devils 6 of 22
    Wee devils
    And then there are Harris, Hamish, and Hubert from Brave, who always seem to be up to some sort of practical joke.

    As you can see in this video:

  • Tricky kiss 7 of 22
    Tricky kiss
    In The Princess and the Frog, Tiana is tricked into kissing a frog...with definite consequences.
  • Disappearing Monster 8 of 22
    Disappearing Monster
    Randall Boggs, Mike's arch-rival, tricks Sully in order to get Boo. How? By making himself invisible. Neat trick!
  • Watch that next step… 9 of 22
    Watch that next step...
    In Enchanted, Queen Narissa tricks Giselle into stepping a little too close to the well.
  • Vanessa, or is that Ursula? 10 of 22
    Vanessa, or is that Ursula?
    A classic Disney trickster, Ursula disguises herself as the beautiful Vanessa and uses Ariel's borrowed voice to catch the Prince. And it almost works!
  • Who’s on the other end of that rope? 11 of 22
    Who's on the other end of that rope?
    Another malevolent trickster, Mother Gothel, fools Flynn by tossing Rapunzel's hair out of the tower for him to climb in Tangled.
  • Pirate Love 12 of 22
    Pirate Love
    Elizabeth appears to have abandoned herself to a passionate kiss when she lays this smooch on the charismatic Captain Jack least until the shackle snaps closed! Tricked again!
  • Oldest trick in the book 13 of 22
    Oldest trick in the book
    Carl sends Russell on a snipe hunt in Up.
  • Tricky sticky fingers 14 of 22
    Tricky sticky fingers
    Flynn pulls a neat trick by channeling Tom Cruise to snatch a royal jewel.
  • The great escape 15 of 22
    The great escape
    In Tangled, a crew of ruffians utilizes every trick in the book, including a mime, to spring Flynn from prison.
  • Robin Hood and Little John 16 of 22
    Robin Hood and Little John
    These quintessential tricksters, Robin Hood and Little John, will perform almost any trick to borrow from the government!
  • Unspotted Dalmatians 17 of 22
    Unspotted Dalmatians
    Who can forget dalmatian puppies covered in soot to avoid being "spotted?"
  • Twin rivalry 18 of 22
    Twin rivalry
    Yes! You are seeing double. These twin sisters, played by Hayley Mills in the 1960's version of Disney's The Parent Trap, didn't like each other at first. So they played some practical jokes on each other. One cut the back of her sister's dress out when she wasn't looking, so everyone would see her undies at a formal dance. Ouch! But....
  • Little LiLo 19 of 22
    Little LiLo
    ...the ultimate Parent Trap trick was swapping places in order to force their parents to see each other again. (Those crazy kids.) And yes, you are seeing double, again!! Lindsay Lohan played the twins in the 1998 version of The Parent Trap.
  • Remy the puppeteer 20 of 22
    Remy the puppeteer
    Here's a trick. Remy controlling Linguini's movements just by pulling on his hair. At least Linguini gets to smell good food.
  • Teaching a lesson 21 of 22
    Teaching a lesson
    Sometimes a practical joke is meant to teach a lesson. In Toy Story, these toys went Zombie on Sid, a kid who plays roughly with his toys. His lesson? As Woody would say,...
  • Good advice 22 of 22
    Good advice
    "Play Nice, Sid."

    Have a great April Fools' Day, as well as the rest of the month...and remember, play nice!

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