April Showers: 22 Couples in the Rain (Photos)

One of the great things about Flickr is that it renders you to your imagination. Photos often tell a story and unless you know the people captured in the images or there is a caption telling you their story, then you get to create it. The streams of photos give us an opportunity to use our creative side as we dream up a story to go with the image in front of us. That is what I did as I looked at photos of “couples” in the rain. While there is a possibility that some of these couples aren’t really couples, for one moment — long enough for the photographer to click a button and capture them — they were. In celebration of April and all the goodness April brings, including “April showers” which will ultimately give way to “May flowers,” here are 22 photos of couples in the rain. In the event that the rain falls on your side of town, wherever that may be, may you find yourself under an umbrella with the one you love, whomever that may be.


Are you a fan of rainy day strolls?

p.s. Do you ever create stories to go with photos?


Photo Source: All photos including cover photo via Flickr

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