Should Driving-While-Pumping Be Outlawed?

Let’s see: drinking and driving, texting and driving, sleeping and driving are all very bad. What about pumping breast milk while driving? Should this be considered against the law, too?

Maine State Trooper Tim Marks received several complaints about a driver swerving and speeding. When he caught up to the driver in question, he pulled her over. In his report, he said the driver was pumping breast milk into a container while cruising down the Interstate.

Instead of a ticket, he issued her a warning for distracted driving and said that he suggested she complete the task before getting behind the wheel.

Props to the woman for making breastfeeding work for her and her child. But after the first swerve, she should have pulled over and put the Medela away. Distracted driving, especially while speeding, is dangerous. And nothing gets in the way of a solid nursing relationship with your baby like a mother’s death and/or jail sentence.

Have you ever pumped while driving? Where’s the most regrettable place you tried to express a little milk?

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