Are Only Children Happier?

Are only children happiest?

Are you an only child?  Do you only have one child or your own?  A new study suggests you may want to keep it that way if you want a happy child.

The study conducted by the Institute for Social and Economic Research has some shocking conclusions about only children being happiest among the children who participated in the  survey.

As someone who was raised as an only child with adult siblings when I was born;  personally I am not sure I can believe children are truly the happiest if they do not have siblings in the home. Though I continued to read with an open mind.

Further information from the study said :

Over half of the children surveyed said they had been bullied by a sibling, and one in three said they had been hit, kicked or pushed on regular occasions. Others complained of name-calling and having their belongings stolen.

Some of the other reasons cited in the study were simple sibling activities like sharing bedrooms, toys, and parental attention. Tasks that children must deal with on a daily basis while interacting with others in various settings including school.

Out of the 2,500 children surveyed nearly seven out of ten teens expressed that they were “very satisfied” with their lives which sparks the thought that maybe the younger children who took part may express similar satisfaction as they grow, and possibly mature and change the way they describe their feelings?

What I did find most alarming in the text was :

“Children from ethnic minorities are happier than their white counterparts.”

What has the white children so down?

Do you think only children are happier in your personal experience?

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