Are These Really the 5 Least Useful Baby Products?

Most Useless Baby Products
Do you agree with the survey results?

When you’re expecting your first child, it can be difficult not to feel overwhelmed by the amount of stuff that you think you baby might need, or that your friends, family, co-workers and pediatricians will tell you they will definitely need.

However, as most moms and dads discover, a lot of the “need” pile often gets relegated to the garage once the baby arrives and they find out what works for them, and what the baby actually likes and takes to.

A survey by the British website Which asked 1,000 parents to share the products they bought before their baby’s birth that, it turns out, they could have lived without. Check out the results:

  • Fabric Baby Slings 1 of 5
    Fabric Baby Slings
    Survey respondents who said they didn't like baby slings cited the hassle factor and the fact that their children didn't take to them as the main reasons.
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  • Nightlights 2 of 5
    Some parents said they didn't end up using or needing a nightlight in their baby's room, while others said their babies didn't like them.
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  • Diaper Pails 3 of 5
    Diaper Pails
    More than half of those who responded that diaper pails are useless said it was because they're more trouble than they're worth. Other said it was impractical or a waste of time.
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  • Door Baby Bouncers 4 of 5
    Door Baby Bouncers
    Parents who voted this among the least useful baby products said it was mostly because they never ended up using it or their babies didn't like it.
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  • Diaper Stackers 5 of 5
    Diaper Stackers
    Parents who answered the survey said they either never used it, found it to be a "waste of time," or something else did the job more effectively.
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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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