Are These the Top 10 Halloween Costumes for 2012?

Are These Some of the Top Halloween Costumes?

Zombies? Finn of Adventure Time fame? A man wearing a grey tie? Are these the top Halloween costumes for 2012?

Spirit, the Halloween super store, has locations in more than 1000 places each Halloween season selling skulls, bones and Halloween outfits for the entire gang, from baby to a get-up loving grandma. Spirit created their predictions for which ten costumes will be the biggest sellers, and it’s an interesting mix of TV culture, game culture and, for this year, S&M culture.

What ten costumes do they think will be flying out of their stores this year? Check their picks here:

  • Ted 1 of 10
    For those who loved the crass humor of the Seth MacFarlane feature starring Mark Walberg and a talking teddy bear, then you'll love this Ted-inspired Halloween costume. Yes, he may look soft and cuddly, but I wouldn't let him around your kids.
    Available here: for $89.99
  • Adventure Time 2 of 10
    Adventure Time
    The Cartoon Network animated show was a cult classic right out of the gate. Jake, Finn, Princess Bubblegum and the Ice King are characters who are popular with hipsters, high schoolers, and kids alike. This all adds up to Halloween costume gold.
    Available here: for $34.99
  • 50 Shades of Grey 3 of 10
    50 Shades of Grey
    Of course 50 Shades of Grey would be on the list. There is already a spin-off recipe book entitled 50 Shades of Chicken and a whole slew of 50 Shades of Grey onesies, so of course Halloween outfits would be a natural. And really, all you need is a grey tie, a whip, and maybe a pair of handcuffs and you're done.
    Available here: for $7.99
  • Angry Birds 4 of 10
    Angry Birds
    Angry Birds has a very varied fan base; I've seen 3-year-olds playing as fanatically as 30-year-olds. It is, as the cliché says, "fun for all ages." That said, Angry Birds outfits come in all sizes; adult, kid, and even babies. But the question is, which Angry Bird (or Pig) will be the most popular. (My money is on the red bird.)
    Available here: for $21.99
  • The Avengers 5 of 10
    The Avengers
    If a movie is a huge box office hit, it makes sense that Halloween costumes from said film would be in demand. And with The Avengers, there are so many different characters to choose from: you've got Thor, Iron Man, and The Hulk, among others. But super hero costumes have been popular for eons, so there isn't much of surprise there.
    Available here: for $19.99
  • Batman 6 of 10
    Batman was born way back in 1939 and he's saved people, cities, the world…so it's no wonder that he would be a popular costume for not just our kids, but for kids when we were kids and even kids when our parents would kids. Yup, kids love Batman. And in 2012, 73 years after his birth, Batman is still fresh and appearing on the Top Ten costume lists.
    Available here: for $29.99
  • Hunger Games 7 of 10
    Hunger Games
    May the odds be ever in your favor...the odds that there will be a whole bunch of other girls dressed up as Katniss this Halloween. As anticipated, Hunger Games outfits will be big this year. It's pretty subtle: black pants, game-style shirt, boots and a braid. Hopefully no one will hit the streets with an actual archery set though.
    Available here: for $39.99
  • Monster High 8 of 10
    Monster High
    Monster High dolls were born from a Halloween aesthetic. And while the dolls' proportions may be totally wack, and their outfits a wee bit slutty, it's still a character that young girls will beg their parents to be.
    Available here: for $24.99
  • Power Rangers 9 of 10
    Power Rangers
    The Power Rangers are back. While you may think, "wow, they are so 1993," the Power Rangers have had a long and strong life. There may have been a dip in their popularity a while back, but after almost 20 years, they are supposedly back on top.
    Available here: for $24.99
  • Zombie 10 of 10
    Zombies are a classic, and seeing that everything is zombie this, and zombie that, of course zombies would make it to the top ten!
    Available here: for $39.99

Photo Source: Spirit


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