Are Your Kids Scared of Bigfoot? [Video]

Wait. Isn't that Betty White in a gorilla costume?

When I was a kid, I was terrified of Bigfoot. It didn’t help matters that I had four older siblings who (a.) knew that fact and (b.) were somewhat obsessed with Bigfoot (possibly because of a.?). My brother was the main culprit. He delighted in telling me that he had just seen Bigfoot running through the woods behind our house. The woods kinda freaked me out as was. The advent of Bigfoot galavanting about in them was enough to send me into hysterics. At least at age five.

These were the thoughts that rushed over me after I finished reading the latest Bigfoot-sighting story. And I’m happy to say that the 41-year-old version of JCO no longer reacts to these stories with fear. He reacts with laughter. At least if there’s a video attached, as there was this time.

But after the laughter, I was left with one question:┬ádo my kids even know who Bigfoot is? The triplets are still a bit young, but my stepdaughter is 9 and I don’t think she knows a thing about him. And if I’m right in my assumption that she’s never heard of him, then I think it’s because our country’s Bigfoot fascination has dissipated a bit. Or maybe we never had such a fascination. Maybe my siblings were just particularly cruel.

But assuming for a moment that America really did have a Bigfoot fetish (sorry) back in the day, and assuming that most kids nowadays really haven’t heard of him, I think I know why. At some point, for the belief to continue, there simply has to be some sort of compelling evidence. And there really never has been.

As far as the latest sighting as captured by the grainy five-second video which appears below?

It doesn’t look like Bigfoot to me. Or at least what I imagine him to look like. No. To me, it looks more like Betty White in a gorilla costume laboring across a country road as seen by someone with poor eyesight. Sans glasses.

I plan on asking my daughter tonight if she’s ever heard of Bigfoot. If not, I might show her the video. After all, she loves a good laugh.

Have your kids heard of Bigfoot? What about the Loch Ness Monster?

Image: YouTube
Source: Fox News

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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