Arizona Grandpa Booted from Barnes & Noble Children's Book Section

Barnes & Noble
Is it gender discrmination to remove a man from a kids' section?

Would it bother you if you saw an elderly man all alone in the children’s section of a bookstore? Would you assume he was a grandpa buying gifts for his grandchildren, or would you think there’s a chance he might be some kind of pervert preying on your kids?

Dr. Omar Amin, 73, was in a Barnes & Noble in Scottsdale, Arizona, in early May, browsing for books for his two young grandchildren, ages, 5 and 7, when a woman shopper complained to an employee that she “felt uneasy about his presence in the children’s area,” according to MSNBC.

So Dr. Amin was asked to leave the store.

“I did not break any rules,” Dr. Amin told MSNBC. “There was no sign posted that said men are not allowed in the children’s book area.”

After initially refusing to apologize, and in fact saying, “We believe we acted appropriately,” according to Fox News, Barnes and Noble has changed their tune:

“We want to apologize to Dr. Amin for a situation in which Dr. Amin was asked to leave the children’s section of our Scottsdale, Arizona store,” said a Barnes & Noble vice president in an email to MSNBC. “We should not have done so. It is not our policy to ask customers to leave any section of our stores without justification. We value Dr. Amin as a customer and look forward to welcoming him in any of our stores.”

The apology hasn’t appeased Dr. Amin, however.

“It’s not enough. I want my honor restored,” Amin told MSNBC. “I want to walk back into the store with my head held up high. I did not break any rules. My pride has been scratched.”

Do you think Dr. Amin is a victim of gender discrimination, or do you think the woman wasn’t wrong to rat out a lone man in a children’s section?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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