Art Installation Tries to Find Real-Life Sleeping Beauty Her Prince Charming (Video)

sleeping beauty, true love's kiss
A man hoping to wake "Sleeping Beauty."

A Ukranian artist named Taras Polataiko is currently showing a performance art/live installation piece called Sleeping Beauty at the National Art Museum of Ukraine wherein young women dressed as garish “princesses” lay on altar-like beds pretending to be asleep and await true love’s kiss. Yes, kiss. Single men over the age of 18 are allowed to come through and kiss the Sleeping Beauty hoping that she will “wake up.” Here’s the kicker: If she opens her eyes, the couple have to get married. Every participant in the art project signs a contract that says they will marry should they engage in true love’s kiss.

Now, I can’t imagine laying down someplace and having randos I can’t even see kiss me on the lips all day long, but aside from being disgusted by stranger slobber, I also can’t imagine actually believing in the idea of “true love’s kiss.” I guess I’ve been through enough relationships to know now that there is no “one” person for anyone, and despite the fact that I do think you can find true love with someone and be happy, I don’t think finding it as part of an art project is very likely. Call me a cynic! These sleeping beauties and their potential princes seem to be totally into the idea:

Image via OddityCentral. Story via Gawker.

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