Artist Illustrates ‘Princess Anne Frank’ Plus 9 Other Real-Life Women Worthy of Aspiration

If you have little girls who love nothing more than a Disney Princess (or all of them), you’re hardly alone.

But if you’re a parent who cringes just a little at all of the fluttering eyelashes, dramatic sighs and cries of hopelessness when it appears as if a love is lost forever — only to feel as if her life is complete when that love is then found — you’ve got some company, too.

David Trumble, a former award-winning political cartoonist for The Sun newspaper who is now a freelance artist and illustrator, was disturbed by the recent petition citing a distorted image of Princess Merida, whom he tells Babble “needs no augmentation to be a valuable role model for young girls.”

It’s not that Trumble minds the sparkles that come along with princesses, but “such a simplistic, sexualized view of women is redundant in this day and age.”

While some of Disney’s princesses simply are who they are — “The other [Disney] princesses are still examples of a rather dismissive, homogenised view of the fairer sex, but most of them were created many decades back in a time where that was more acceptable, and so while I don’t approve of that image being shoved down girls throats, I can understand that they are of their time,” he tells Babble — he thinks girls today can do well, and better, even, if they also look to actual women with real accomplishments.

So he princess-ed up some real women in satiric illustrations (that we first saw on The Huffington Post) — think Princess Anne Frank and Princess Harriet Tubman, among others — to make the point that there are plenty of women who are the real deal and don’t need sparkles to shine.

That being said, I still wonder if girls are turned on to some real role models initially because they’re a little dolled-up, and then stay with them because of what they do (or did) and not what they look like, is that the worst thing in the world?

Take a look and decide for yourself:

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All images used with permission from David Trumble

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